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from his position on the los angeles stage Also, msg740378 those who say Soliai only did as well as he did to get a new contract can rest assured. Sticking Soliai with the franchise tag puts him in another contract year (granted, a wealthy one). If he wants a long term contract done, he'll continue to perform at a high level. 108 Related Subscribers 1 iTunes RSS access_time Latest hearing Most played star_outline Most popular search Searchmore_horiz alarm_add Listen later alarm_on Listen later check Mark as played star_border Rate mic_none Go to podcast share Share Votes for discount basketball jerseys China Women: wholesale nfl jerseys from China the Global Story The Forum 10 Apr starstarstarstarstar add It was exactly a hundred years ago that women in the UK won the right to vote: though at first it was only for 3782 property owning women over thirty.

But Britain wasn the trail blazer. Seven countries were ahead of it including two of its colonies.